Massage Benefits

Skin: Apart from the physical comfort of receiving a massage, it promotes the desquamation of old cells, as well as increasing blood flow to the area. This in turn, encourages new growth, as well as improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Any superficial scar tissue may be reduced, and although you should not receive a massage for six months after surgery, and scar tissue may become realigned. Sebum is produced which can help skin fight infection, help keep skin supple due to the extra moisture, and as the circulation is improved, skin is much healthier due to the increased nutrition.

Skeletal: Again, due to the increased circulation, extra nutrients are sent to the bones and joints, which can decrease any inflammation and enable the person to move more freely. Also, specific chemicals can be sent to the bones, which aid any fractures. These include phosphorous and sulphur. Joint strain can be lessened, and any tense knots can be freed, and more all round mobility can be achieved. This all leads to better posture.

Lymphatic System: As massage improves circulation, lymph is pushed back to the heart and therefore, excess waste can be disposed of by the liver and kidneys. More red and white blood cells are then made, which helps the overall health of the body. This boosts the immune system, and can help reduce oedema. This is probably the system which benefits most of all from massage.